The Bullfighters…

Elena Fernandez 

I  am a journalist, graduated from the University of Navarra, Spain. I have been working with agriculture and food topics since the early  beginning of my professional career. Now I live in Seattle, an amazing city who loves good life and good food like me.  I would love to share my spanish heritage with everybody interested in our traditions, costumes, recipes and the way we love our land.

Do you join me?

201010 foto carné

Silvia Garrote Calvo 

I’m a journalist. I’ve worked for several years in a newspaper, including five years as director, but my great passion is cooking. I’ve studied a Master of Management and Innovation of restaurants in The Basque Culinary Center (San Sebastián) and I’m writing a blog in spanish about gastronomy Que me coma el tigre. I am interested in culinary innovation, both in Spain and around the world. I believe good food makes us happier.

foto Sil Yummy

Alicia Diaz

“I have been a journalist since 1997; I graduated from the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, with a Masters Degree in Social Media and Digital Marketing. From the beginning of my career as journalist I’ve been working for different magazines, dedicated to the world of food and gastronomy.  I’m passionate about cooking and high quality food products.
Along with my colleagus Elena and Silvia, I’ll do my best to introduce you to the different aspects of traditional Spanish food, and tell you about the products available. Hopefully ensuring that you will love Spanish cuisine too!”

Foto Alicia

  1. Mario Paniagua Sánchez

    Hola. Necesito contactar con Elena Fernández Guiral, asunto personal. Entiendo que este no es el mejor médio pero no tengo otra forma de contacto. Mi mail:

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