Our team

Lola Gómez Redondo

Graphic designer… sometimes painter

I´ve working in spanish media since the beginning of my professional career: D-16, El Mundo, Heraldo de Soria…

I´m co founder of Desde Soria, where I publish the section Depalabro. I also work on brand designing. The Yummy Bull logo is one of my last designs. I´m currently finishing as illustrator a chidren´s poem book.

I´ve been always painting too…

My design blog 

My paintings blog

Foto Lola Gómez

Manu Montilla 

HFoto-Manu1-151x300e´s one of the leading experts in SEO, search engine optimization in Spain.

He worked for Microsoft Ibérica, where he was SEO engineer for the MSN portal, among other projects. He´s been SEO and Social Media director of Grupo Prisa, the most important Spanish media group in Spain. He´s currently working as SEO and new online products director of 20 minutos, one of the leading  free newspapers in Spain.

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