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PNW Co-op Specialty Foods (Spokane, WA)

Pacific Northwest Farmers Cooperative, also known as PNW is dedicated to preserve family farms and protecting the land Passed down through generations, these 100-year-old family farms in eastern Washington and northern Idaho are rooted in sustainable agriculture.

PNW Co-op Specialty Foods growers nurture the land through crop rotation, cover cropping, and reduced usage of toxic chemicals and fossil fuel.

It all adds up to rich, healthy soil that allows PNW Co-op to grow incredibly healthy garbanzo beans, lentils and split peas. All of them are essential ingredients from mediterranean diet and provide rich proteins and fat free tasty flavor.

Cooperativa legumbres

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 Mindy Nichols RD CD CDE is the founder of, a virtual healthy weight program based on the DASH/Mediterranean Diet. An innovative outcome-focused health educator, Mindy also leads programs in process improvement, increased market presence, health and nutrition literacy, and improved health outcomes.

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  1. Hello Elena! We met last weekend in Dayton Wa.Your family is wonderful, and I was hoping to be able to connect with you again, so thank you for sharing your card with me. I am going to love this blog as well, as I love to cook and actually went to culinary school, for 7 yrs, and did some catering. I am happily retired now, and just enjoy cooking for those close to me, so this blog I’m certain, will give me some wonderful new ideas. Just in case you can’t remember me, I’m older,63, tall blonde. My husband John, his brother, Steve and his wife Terri were together last weekend. John and I live in Mukilteo!.
    Well, it was wonderful to meet you all, once again, and we sincerely hope to meet you again and make another connection soon. Hello to your family….Kassie

    • Hi Kassie! Of course I remember you! 🙂 I´m happy to know that you like my blog. I´ve been fully focused on my Phd since last fall but I will begin to write regularly again soon! We will call you as promised when we go to Whidbey island for a day trip. Maybe in October! Take care!

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