Elena F. Guiral

I am a journalist who is interested in communication, agriculture and gastronomy. Professional foodie and amateur chef, I took my first steps in my native house in Zaragoza because the austere and simple cuisine practiced by my mother and my grandmother seemed unglamorous to me. Over the years I realized that the great classics are classics for something, and that a magnificent raw material does not need makeup.

I have a strong bond to agri-food information since I graduated in Journalism at Universidad de Navarra in 1996. First as coordinator of the agricultural information supplement of the local newspaper “Heraldo de Soria” and later as director of Fundación Antama, dedicated to promote green biotechnology in Spain and Portugal. 

Between 2011 and 2017 I lived in the US, first in Miami and since 2012 in Seattle. The Pacific Northwest complex and fascinating food environment push me to write and promote the Mediterranean diet and Spanish products. Back in Madrid, I discovered that our city had also become global for the better and that very interesting projects were being cooked in my homeland. 

The Yummy Bull aims to offer a global look at the agriculture and gastronomy of both parts of the Atlantic Ocean, because it is important not to forget any aspect of the epic journey of a product from farm to table. They are all interrelated and deserve to be known and enjoyed. Welcome to this global tour. 

Diego Arévalo Fernández

I was seven years old when my parents decided that it would be very interesting to live for a few years in another country to learn and master English, see the world … And learn to appreciate Mediterranean cuisine from a distance. I lived in Miami for a year, and then I moved to Seattle. My mom had an accident and I had to learn to cook to help her when I was only 11 years old. She then realized about my innate talent for knowing when something I eat is truly extraordinary and what elements compose it. I can’t help being a perfectionist when it comes to eating and drinking, and that’s why I’ve decided to share my discoveries with you.

At the moment I am studying the International Baccalaureate and although it is a program that demands a lot of effort and attention, I try to find time to publish on the topics that would interest a 16 year old foodie.

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