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The best Spanish foods and beverages in an international guide

ImagenThe Ministry of Agriculture, Repsol company and The Gastronomy Academy are preparing a Guide about Spanish Food & Beverages to bring together the best Spanish products.

This guide will appear on the web in different languages so consumers, importers, specialised shops and markets of any country will know about the best products, and which companies manufacture the highest quality of non-perishable foods.

Supported by our star chefs and our cutting-edge cuisine, this Guide wants to promote the knowledge and the prestige of these exceptional spanish raw materials.  The guide will recognize the Spanish culinary tradition and its leading position in the world, highlighting its ability to innovate and create new dishes.

The guide will pick up on six groups of non-perishable items: Iberian and other meats, extra virgin olive oils, cheeses and dairy products, canned fish and seafood, canned vegetables and a final hodgepodge section with other kinds of products.

For each of these six groups, there is a team working on the best selection of different brands that, in their opinion, should be present in the guide. This selection will then be further evaluated by the Culinary Academies of each region to pick a final range of products to be submitted to the jury’s opinión. This jury will then determine what products will appear in the final list, probably in March