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Welcoming Fall: cranberry and smoked salmon salad

Elena Fernandez

As I work at home alone, I usually prepare a huge seasonal salad for lunch. And when I say seasonal,  It means with everything I find in my fridge. That´s why I love salads. You can pair everything with everything and the result is always healthy and tasteful.

This week I wanted to try with fresh cranberries, which are in season now and full of antioxidants and healthy properties, so I thought maybe their particular bitter taste could fit with romaine lettuce, smoked salmon, and the last tomatoes of the season. I added balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, dill and my eternal feta cheese ( I need to finish my Costco familiar package). And voilà! A refreshing salad to say hello to fall season and to keep you strong against the change of the weather.

Cranberries are one of the three original native fruits from North America. According to The Cranberry Institute, their super antioxidant properties are great to avoid urinary tract infections and protect against heart conditions and certain types of cancer related to the digestive organs.

Crop season begins in September and ends in October, but you can find fresh cranberries until December. Besides, their crispy and bitter flavour adds an interesting notch to any dish. Try them!

Ensalada de cranberries


Jessica´s cabbage salad

Elena F. Guiral 

 At the end of my Spanish Beach vacation :-/ my in Law are visiting us. They are great cooking traditional recipes and finding superb ingredients, so I asked them to prepare one of my favorite salads. So simple, so healthy, so delicious! I´ve decided to name it Jessica´s cabbage salad because Jessica, a good friend and the best 24 hours Bellevue downtown trainer loved it when I gave her my recipe.

You only need a cabbage, extra virgin olive oil, sherry vinegar, salt and black pepper (better just grounded for the salad). The secret is to chop it super thin (look at the picture) and to soak it in water for a few hours. The leaves will be crispier…

Finally dress the cabbage with salt, vinegar, olive oil and grounded pepper. The quantity depends on your taste. I particularly prefer a short spirt of vinegar, and a moderate quantity of pepper because I don´t like strong flavors but It´s your choice!

Raw cabbage is a vitamins and antioxidants bomb, especially vitamin A, a perfect friend to recover from fatigue and anemia problems. Popular tradition says that this veggie helps you if you´re breast feeding too.

Cabbage salad is your perfect garnish for your summer barbecue. Refreshing and super easy to prepare. Open a sparkling rosé bottle of wine and enjoy!

20130808 foto cabbage II